Tips on Using a Pressure Washer

As the winter breaks, it is time for the spring cleaning. As a matter of fact, a pressure washer is basically a great method to perform a lot of cleaning jobs with speed and efficiency. However, knowing the proper safety and use is the main key to finish your jobs without harming someone or damaging your home. With the appropriate knowledge, you can choose the correct pressure washer for the task and decide whether it does make sense to rent or buy one. The usual uses of pressure washer around the house include cleaning the brick siding, vehicles, boats, Driveway Pressure Washing Tarpon Springs as well as concrete walks.

Pressure Washer

Should You Buy or Rent

Prior to purchasing a pressure washer, you should first consider how usual you use it. A perfect pressure washer device for most home uses will going to cost you at least $400. Renting for 1 day, on the other hand, will usually obtain a more professional pressure washer for $75. And if you also consider the oil, maintenance and gas, you must expect to use a bought pressure washer at least 2 for the next 4 years. Or else, it will be a wiser move to just rent one when you need it. Furthermore, if you are planning to use one for more than just your regular spring cleaning, owning a pressure washer makes a lot of sense because you do not only save the rental costs every day but also, your time that was spent for the machine back and forth.

What to Consider if you Buy Your Own Pressure Washer

Whether you are buying or renting, you should also consider the pressure and the rated flow of a pressure washer. Most house works are best performed by a device with a flow of 3 gallons per minute as well as a pressure of 3 thousand psi. If you are purchasing a pressure washer, you’ll find a broad array of prices. In addition to that, an undersized pressure washer will make difficult tasks take longer period of time.

Thus, the most expensive machines are sometimes too much for average house tasks. When you consider which pressure washer fits your bill for the tasks, look not just at the flow and pressure but also, the warranty and reputation on the engine and pump of the pressure washer.

Set Up

Setting up the pressure washer may vary from unit to unit. However, this process is very easy if you just follow these simple steps. Begin by familiarizing yourself with the machine. Follow the step-by-step instructions on the packaging. Then, assemble the parts. You’ll need a garden hose, tips, spray gun, high-pressure hose and the pressure washer itself. Prior to starting, inspect the gas and oil for correct levels.

Next, hook up the water source with the threaded fitting on your machine to a high-quality garden hose. Meanwhile, the high-pressure garden hose attaches by holding down the knurled collar, firmly pressing the barbed fitting, then pushing the collar forward. Afterwards, double check your work by carefully pulling on the high-pressure garden hose.

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